Past Audio Podcasts of “Lovers and Other Strangers”

The Rose Remembers
June 10 2010

Another Memory
June 9 2010 

June 8 2010 

Remember When
June 7 2010 

June 4 2010 

June 3 2010 

Summer Songs
June 2 2010 

June 1 2010 

Wonder of Wonders
May 31 2010 

The Climb
May 28 2010 

Life as Art
May 27 2010 

The Meeting Place
May 26 2010 

May 25 2010 

May 24 2010 

Power of Love
May 21 2010 

Tragedy or Blessing?
May 20 2010 

One Flower
May 19 2010 

On the Wing
May 18 2010 

May 17 2010 

May 14 2010 

  Podcasts are available as .mp3 files with thanks to CHFI Toronto

Don Jackson
Former host of one of Canada's most popular radio shows spanning three decades.
Author, broadcaster, storyteller.

For over two decades, Don hosted a radio show known as “Lovers and Other Strangers”.  The show was heard first in Montreal, followed by Toronto on CHFI 98.1FM, and then across Canada via national syndication.  Subsequently, the radio show became a downloadable podcast available worldwide. 

Presently, a number of the aforementioned podcasts can be either obtained through iTunes or downloaded from Don's former employer's website (CHFI) via the links located here to the right.  For your conveinence, clicking these links will play their respective podcasts in the audio player at right.

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