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Signs - An Office Romance Short Film 

This article relates to Don Jackson's February 20 2013 webcast titled “Connections”. Special thanks to long-time listener, Arron Smaller, for providing the link to this short film, which was the inspiration for the writing on this page.

Play Connections, February 25 2013 Webcast

It can be surprising to read some of the latest statistics on the state of office romances. However, before citing the respective and fascinating changes in the workplace, the question arises what do you think about office romances? Have you ever been involved in an office affair? Should employers actively encourage or discourage romantic liaisons between their employees? As you read the statistics below, consider your answers and please feel invited to send us your opinion through the "contact" page.  With your permission, we will post some of them.

Rieva Lesonsky has presented some of the statistics gained from a 'Workplace Options Survey' in an article found at This is what the survey learned about love in the boardroom.  Eighty-four percent (84%) of 18 to 29 year-olds, called the Millennial generation, said they would have an office romance with a co-worker. This is a major difference between today’s Millennials and Generation X workers who are now between 30 to 46 years of age.  Only thirty-six percent (36%) said that they would dare have one.  The stats on Boomers (47 to 66) reveal only twenty-nine (29%) would be interested in chancing it.   

But those are not the really surprising figures..  Forty percent (40%) of Millennials would have no problem dating their supervisors. Now we are approaching that very dangerous gray area in the workplace where harassment charges are only a click away. Only ten percent (10%) of older workers would even consider that slippery slope. What’s more, this new generation of workers, fifty-seven percent (57%), would even brag at the so-called water cooler or over their lattes with others at the office concerning their affair.  I want to thank Arron Smaller for his suggestion about this film. Even if you have nothing to contribute about office affairs, you may have your own suggestions about what to post on this inspirational video page. Send us your idea through our Contact page.  The story behind the short film posted on this page is a poignant one concerning a love affair blossoming in the workplace.  The story is not what you might think at first, however it is definitely an office romance between a young man and a young woman who have become adept at “sign language” ... literally.  

Sit back, and enjoy this very romantic story that has a surprise ending; and please share any of your subsequent thoughts and opinions with us.  One last thought. Anastasia Steele might, but I doubt that Christian Grey in E. L. James’ blockbuster novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, would have a problem with an office affair.  

Don Jackson, March 6 2013   

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