Piece of Chalk

Most kids have drawn chalk lines on the sidewalk for a game of hopscotch. At its heart is a simple game. It does not need wires, controllers, a high-speed Internet connection or a fancy game system. All it needs is a piece of chalk, a few stones or marbles and a great group of friends. In a rudimentary sense, it tests your agility to be able to hop from one foot to both feet, make a quick turn without losing your balance and then on with the same movements back to the beginning. This is what hopscotch lines are made for.

The young boy in this inspirational video, Piece of Chalk, found another use for that modest game from the past. It is these lines that allow him to escape his complicated world and give him the freedom to test his boundaries. It might even inspire you to push the envelope that encompasses your own life, but not necessarily in the same way as the film demonstrates. At the heart of this video is a powerful message that is not lost on the viewer.

Prepare yourself for what can be accomplished with a small piece of chalk and an imagination that knows no bounds.

Don Jackson, April 17 2013 

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