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Play Masks, May 04 2013 Webcast

It’s been said that most of us wear masks every day. Some masks hide pain; others hide the truth, while others still help to keep us anonymous in an impersonal world.

Walk down the crowded aisles of a high school when students are going from one to class to another. Visit your children’s secondary school during lunch break or immediately after classes at the end of the day. Nowhere are you more likely to find a parade of every conceivable mask than at school. It won’t take you long to figure out what the masks represent, but you may be unable to discern the real identity behind the disguise.

Students may enter high school trying to be who they really are, but they learn quickly that to get along they must pick a mask and keep it on during class. There will be many masks of the same design, but you can find the one wearing the original one. It’s the one frayed around the edges and can usually be found on the person who is surrounded by many admirers. To wear another design altogether, may illicit a violent response or one that ignores the wearer completely.

This video is called Identity. You might want to share it with a teenager who is having a difficult time in school.

I invite you to watch my webcast called Masks for a revealing look at what a mask is usually hiding.

Don Jackson, May 04 2013 

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