Hospital Window

There are very few among us who have never had a reason to be in a hospital for treatment and healing. Even if it was only once on the day you were born, a hospital was where you took your first breath. At some unknown future date, it may be where your take your last.

I consider myself blessed that both my children have grown up happy and healthy. I was not so lucky in my youth. There were a few occasions when I required the immediate attention of doctors and nurses. There were times when I lay awake at night wishing I was anywhere else than in that sterile environment. To this day, I often feel a certain unease when I visit others during their hospital stay.

I never had a patient in that hospital room do for me what the older gentleman does in this short video.

If the story has a familiar ring to it, it may be due to the fact that I featured a variation of this tale during my nighttime radio program, Lovers and Other Strangers. The version I aired had a harsh tone to it. I think you will appreciate this video's gentler approach to this story that appeared in a book by Joyce Meyer.

It is called Hospital Window.

Don Jackson, January 2015 

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