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An ancient belief connected with St. Valentine’s Day is that it is the day when birds choose their mates.

It’s interesting to note that if any good or bad luck superstitions existed about St. Valentine’s Day, they have been lost through the ages according to Eric Maple in his book, Superstition and the Superstitious, published in 1972 by A.S. Barnes.
There were little rituals that one could perform to see one’s true love in dreams, but real superstitions seem to have been lost.
Some of the earliest origins of the valentine date back to a time when maidens would write a missive to be placed in an urn. Men would randomly draw these letters and woo the writers they chose for an entire year.
The idea of sending one your love on St. Valentine’s Day began in the 18th century. It wasn’t a unique occurrence to pen a few lines and send them off to the one you love, but by the middle of the century, stationers started producing intricate valentines for mass consumption. These delicate, lacy creations were so decorative and imaginative that they became highly prized among lovers. Some were three-dimensional, some formed complex puzzles the receiver would have to figure out in order for the letter to open. Once the puzzle was solved and unlocked, a special compartment would reveal something as intimate as a lock of hair from the sender.

In this day and age, an electronic e-card that will most likely be sent, but nothing can compare to a puzzle that reveals something as intimate as a lock of the sender’s hair. Our technology hasn’t advanced to that level yet. 
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I hope you will share this page with the love of your life as a way to set the stage for your own romantic St.Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Don Jackson

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