The Magic Behind the Curtain

Don Jackson, February 11 2013
Former host of one of Canada's most popular radio shows spanning three decades.
Author, broadcaster, storyteller.

The big day has finally arrived. The audience has made the way down the aisles to their seats and the lights are about to dim. The stage curtains are now pulled aside revealing the soundstage created for the 'Heartbeat of the Internet'.

The orchestra tunes up, the singers practice their harmonies, and the occasional solo from a tattooed drummer and a guitar riff from a well-known musician signify the music elements are in place. The performers are anxious for the show to begin.

The spotlights take aim on a figure standing center stage. He looks out at the expectant audience, smiles, and welcomes everyone to the theatre. He recognizes familiar faces. Some he has known for a very long time. There are new people among the spectators that he hopes he will get to know the more they visit this place. Obviously, all are here for the very same thing.

The Wizard of Oz, © 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 

I'm the person on stage standing in the pool of light. It's time to welcome you to my new home on the Internet.

I invite you to take a look around. The many hallways lead you to different areas including wherein you will find many of my writings available to be read. Take a seat in our quiet archives and read my thoughts from past and present.

One of the busiest places will be the soundstage set aside for a new webcast. It is the one element so many said was missing from my original website. It didn't take a lot of coaxing for me to create a new show.  In time, I hope the shows will be more frequent in their appearance on the drop-down menu.  All, however, will be archived so that you can listen to them more than once.  I invite you to share these webcasts with family and friends who remember the magic we created on the radio. I hope you will also recommend the site, my Facebook page and Twitter account.

There is a 'Contact' page on the site. There you can send me a message. I will personally respond to you and post your thoughts if you'd like. Suggest a theme or video for a future webcast.  Most importantly, it is a direct line of communication between you and I.

The 'Wizard of Oz' told 'Dorothy' and her friends to "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." In our case, I am more than happy to reveal some of the magic and those who helped create it.

A lot of people have worked diligently behind the scenes to make both this new website and its webcast a reality.  Steve and Scott McEachern have made this dream possible. Their belief in the radio show and its continued relevancy today was a catalyst for this new project. I couldn't have solved the complex technological issues without their web skills and advice. Lydia, my wife, Christina, my daughter and my son, Donny, have all contributed to this creation with their own tech savvy.

And now it's all up to you. The success of this website is in your hands. We need to get the message out to as many former listeners as we can and to attract new visitors.  I do hope you will support our rebirth by sharing the site with those who have missed the show.

Like the original website, this is a labor of love.  We are always open to suggestions.  We want to provide the best Internet experience we can. Obviously, a high-speed connection is a must for the webcast to work properly.  It is a work-in-progress, so please be patient as we test our wings.

It is finally your opportunity to help the phoenix rise from the ashes.

Don Jackson, February 11 2013

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