Out with the Old, In with the New

Launched on February 9 2013

Don Jackson, February 11 2013
Former host of one of Canada's most popular radio shows spanning three decades.
Author, broadcaster, storyteller.

It has been an incredible few days. All the hours spent working out the technical issues related to a site like this were finally resolved just before we published the site Saturday night, February 9th.  The site went live at approximately 10PM. We opened a special bottle of wine that was given to me on my retirement, and we toasted this new venture.  And the floodgates were opened. 

I remember the first night from years ago when my original website had been published.  It had been a long day checking and re-checking all the elements. As soon as we launched, visitors began arriving to check out the many theme pages and selection of photographs. The one element that the old website wasn’t able to provide was a webcast; however a webcast is now at the heart of this new venture and more webcasts are being produced right now.  The next webcast will be a romantic tribute to the day of the heart, Valentine’s Day. The blog on Thursday February 14th will detail a little of the history behind this most ancient celebration of love. 

Last night, I was up quite late adding new content to the site.  It is far from finished. Every time you revisit the site, there will be more for you to read and share with your family and friends.  This site is a labor of love and a work-in-progress.  I don’t think we will ever get to the point of saying that the site is finally complete. 

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your recommendations to friends and family. Listeners across Canada and around the world are familiar with the type of evening radio show and podcast I did. But there are so many who still haven’t found us on the web. The new ‘Likes’ on my Facebook page and followers on Twitter prove that my former audience is still stumbling upon our Internet presence. Your help in spreading the word will remind those who have fond memories of my program that I haven’t just disappeared.

I look forward to your comments regarding this new website.   Should any technical issues arise, they can be addressed by communication through the methods available on our 'contact' page.

Some people have been asking me where we came up with the new name. It was uppermost on my production team’s to-do list. We ‘tried on’ so many names during the weeks leading up to the launch. It seemed to appear out of nowhere in the midst of our discussions. We love our new brand and how it works especially well with the new webcast. Even though we have basically created a new show with incredible visual elements, I will never forget the name I stumbled upon when my former radio show went on the air in Montreal in the early 80s. It served me well through the years and attracted many of my listeners to the type of radio program that I was creating. That show was a work-in-progress every night it was on the air. That’s what my new webcast will be on an ongoing basis. 

I’m so pleased that you are here for the beginning of this new chapter.

Don Jackson, February 11 2013

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